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Lisa works with busy women who are fed up with their weight and health and are ready for a complete mindset shift and lifestyle change. She helps them get to the root of their struggles and learn strategies for losing weight and keeping it off, improving eating habits, and dramatically boosting mood & energy levels. You really can feel better than you ever have before!

Her mission is to create stronger, healthier, more confident moms so that their children won’t grow up with the same unhealthy habits as the generation before them. Instead they’ll learn self-love and acceptance, to nourish themselves (body, mind & soul), and to move their body for the pure enjoyment of it. By role modeling these things for our children, we are empowering them to live a life of Health, Wealth, & Happiness.

Lisa lives on a farm in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, and is mom to a 5 year old daughter and new baby boy who both fill her life with joy. She has lost 65 pounds herself, so she knows what it is like to be overweight and feel miserable AND she has also experienced the physical and emotional transformation that is possible. She believes that there is more to life for us all and that we can be happier, healthier, and more energetic – we just need to be shown the tools to get there!

Make sure you check out the special report available for download on this page – it is my gift to you and contains some awesome info on how you may be sabotaging your own efforts. Get yours now to see if you are making these simple mistakes that even the best intentioned women make.

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Lisa Fox Bail (226) 229-1472