Attitudes of Gratitude

This is a special Guest Post from my colleague Sue White. I often talk about how gratitude can greatly improve your overall happiness and sense of wellbeing. This is even something that I talk about with my daughter. Every day, before she goes to bed, I ask her what she liked about her day and what her favorite part was. I also do this myself when I go to bed – it helps me feel happier, more relaxed and I sleep better. Sue recently wrote an article about gratitude that I’d like to share with you. As you read it, I want you to think about what you are grateful for in your life. We often overlook what we have in our quest for what we don’t have. Take time today to reflect and enjoy!

– Lisa

gratitudeJust before my recent journey to the East Coast, I was reminded of how important attitudes of gratitude are. I had written a letter to someone I had known for many years and who was stuck on the negativity that seemed to be in her life daily.

In a conversation with her, this negativity seemed to be like a broken record which repeated itself over and over again. In fact it was almost as if it was a prepared speech to be given at just the right time in any telephone conversation. As a member of Toastmasters I could appreciate the detailed remembering.

At the end of my letter I had reminded her of attitudes of gratitude which Oprah had made famous and many before her had practiced: to find five things in your day you are grateful for.

I know that some days it can be difficult to find these five. They say that through adversity you gain knowledge. I know in my life that this has been true. I had a significant work related injury as a nurse, which physically still affects me to this day. Mentally, however, it no longer is my main focus, and indeed it has taught me to be appreciative of what life has to show me.

Now I just slap on a back brace when I know there is lifting to do. Also exercise has become a daily part of my routine. If I don’t do the work needed to stay healthy — it won’t happen. It is important to participate in your health.

Depression had plagued me for years around this event. When I made the mental shift to get well this became part of my healing. Yes there are days which get me down, however I don’t dwell there on a permanent basis.

It is a process, and learning! The journey is our life. What we do with our lives is up to us. This incident has taught me so much and I am grateful for this.

At the time, I had been saying, “Why me?” Today I know why. It was a lesson to be learned and dealt with as I processed it. Yes it will always be a part of me; however I am the driver of my life, not it.

I am a healer. In order to help others I had to heal myself. Many people were with me on this journey to health and I am grateful to them. My interest in Reiki and allergy work came from my health and healing of those in my family. This broadened to include others.

It is exciting to listen to myself as I learn new ways to help people. I now incorporate the many courses I have taken and it has become an entity of its own. My years of teaching in mental health & addictions are also a part of who I am. This is a tool to being more effective in my communications with my clients and indeed with me.

Getting back to my original thought about negativity surrounding a person, I heard on the radio the next day about Oprah’s attitude of gratitude. I started to laugh, as I knew I had been correct in including this in my letter to her.

Things like this just pop up, if you are on the right track and listen to your own intuition. Whether she will understand and try to find gratitude in her life is up to her. I hope she does, because she is such a dynamic person. I wish she could see herself through my eyes.

So as I enjoy my grandchildren, and await the birth of twin baby girls, I wish you well on your journey. May the twists and turns in your life enrich everything you do, and who you are.

Editor’s Update: Sue’s new grandchildren have arrived and the family is all healthy and happy. Congratulations Sue!

Sue WhiteAbout Sue White

My interest in reiki began over 27 years ago when I was feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. I received a reiki treatment, and I was hooked! I felt so much better and proceeded to start my reiki journey by taking my first degree. As time passed I continued to earn my subsequent degrees and am currently a reiki master/teacher.

My interest in allergies came from myself as well as my children. I suffered greatly from seasonal allergies, especially in the fall. My children had food allergies and my son and I would get migraines. This is when I discovered the Universal technique and Health Kinesiology and how with muscle testing and energy work these could be greatly resolved. I no longer get migraines and my children’s food allergies have been significantly reduced.

I look forward to meeting you, and to be a part of your journey to wellness. Visit my website, Reiki & Allergy Corrections by Sue and check out my Summer Special: For every client you refer to me for Reiki or Allergy work in July and August 2013, you will get 25% off your own treatment. Please have them mention your name as the referral source. Offer must be used by the end of September 2013.

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