My Cleanse Experience Inspired A Health Overhaul!

I love sharing my journey with you: celebrating my successes, while inspiring and providing hope to other busy moms that they can reach their goals too!

And, let me tell you, I have a number of successes to share right now…

  1. I have been feeling amazing – I literally have more energy than I ever have had in my life before! I am feeling more positive and happy too. It is really incredible. I attribute this success in part to the cleanse that I did a few weeks ago, and the continued effects to the change in eating that I have decided to continue with (see more below). In short, I am following my own Summer Shape-Up Program that is based around the Canadian Transformation (more info here).
  2. Last week I was interviewed for a radio show and podcast where we talked all about my health and weight loss transformation. I shared how I had lost 65 pounds and what mindset shifts were the most important for me. I got amazing feedback from the show hosts about how I had hit the nail on the head and made it very simple for listeners to understand how they can do the same. This is awesome, considering that the hosts are experts in counselling psychology and coaching. I don’t know the air date yet, however, if you want to check out the show, you can do that and subscribe here (ReLaunch Radio).
  3. I am going to be in a National Magazine! Last week I was in a photo shoot for a magazine story about health and empowerment. I can’t release any details yet, it is still hush hush until it goes to print. I will let you know asap when it is being released and where you can find it.

So, now that I have my big successes off my chest, I can share with you:

Eat Healthy Be Healthy

My Cleanse Experience

What I’ve Learned & How I’ve Changed as a Result

Let me bring you up to speed – earlier this month I embarked on a 10 day whole food cleanse. I had 3 main reasons that I chose to do the cleanse, and areas that I wanted to address. They were: out of control acne, digestive issues, and middle expansion (not weight gain, just a redistribution of fat to my midsection). I thought that some type of hormonal imbalance may be at play and was hoping to correct it with food by changing the way I ate.

How Did it Go?

I had essentially no side effects, at least none that I was aware of or were out of the ordinary. Some ‘detox’ effects that people sometimes experience are fatigue, headaches, and an outpouring of emotion. I had some of this in the first few days, but again, this was relatively normal for me. One weird thing: on day 2 or 3 I had a huge craving for chocolate and I am not much of a chocolate lover, and I certainly don’t think I’ve ever craved it before – I attribute this to part of breaking a sugar addiction. After about day 3 or 4 it was smooth sailing – high energy and great mood.

What I Learned

  1. To my surprise, I found that I enjoyed taking the time to prepare my food – typically an hour or so each night to prep for dinner and what I would eat the following day. I have continued to spend a little more time each day on meal prep.
  2. I found a bunch of new favourite recipes – whole food based ones that I absolutely love (and my family does too!); a couple of examples are blueberry chia pudding and sweet potato and zucchini noodles with almond sauce.
  3. I prefer my own cooking (or snacks that I’ve brought along) to almost anything that I can pick up while I’m out or get at a restaurant. Other foods just don’t taste very good to me now due to too much sugar in them and waxy or weird aftertastes from fillers and additives in the foods. Now I want to know exactly what is in my food and I prefer fresh, minimally processed, whole foods.
  4. Planning meals and bringing my own food and snacks has become very simple and easy now. It just naturally became a habit while I was on the cleanse and I barely even think about it. This is something that I’ll continue to do for a LONG time. My daughter even comments now about what foods she’d like to bring with us when we go out, so I know that I’m instilling this habit in her too.

What About my Results?

Acne: It took quite a while, by day 10 on the cleanse my acne was almost gone. Since I finished the cleanse, it has been a bit up and down. I’ve noticed that if I divert from how I was eating on the cleanse by having some dairy, gluten, or alcohol, then I get a new crop of pimples pop up and they take about 5 days to go away. So, it seems that for me, food is a HUGE trigger for my acne.

Digestive Issues: My daily stomach aches and bloating definitely cleared up by the end of the cleanse, although, like my acne have been up and down since. Plus, a new symptom has popped up – gas. These symptoms follow the exact same pattern as the acne – they came when I had either dairy, gluten, or alcohol and lasted for a day or two. Seems that my body is really trying to tell me something – stick to mostly a plant based diet centered around fruits and veggies with some gluten-free grains and meats.

Middle Expansion: I am not completely sure on this one – some days I think that there has been a noticeable change, other days I’m not so sure. What I can tell you is that I have lost 2 pounds (wasn’t exactly looking to lose weight but I didn’t mind) and I wore a bikini pretty confidently on the weekend. I think that I will notice a bigger, sustained difference here if I continue to keep dairy, gluten, and alcohol (most of the time) out of my diet.

Was it Worth it?

YES, absolutely!Colour Fun Run

The boost to my energy and mood are absolutely worth continuing to put in the effort to plan my meals, bring them with me, and avoid gluten and dairy. I just love the way I’m feeling and I don’t want to do anything to change it.

As an added benefit, I’ve been feeling more motivated to exercise lately and have been running more and doing bootcamp style workouts in my yard too. I completed my first 5K Colour Run a few days ago.

How Can You Benefit Too?

If you want some of these benefits for yourself, then join me on the Summer Shape-Up Plan. This plan is based on whole food nutrition and follows exactly what I am doing to keep my mood, energy, and motivation high. I am just putting the final touches on the first program email which will go out tomorrow. It includes such tasty, healthy summer recipes as: strawberry coconut overnight oats, fruit & spinach salad with strawberry vinaigrette, and cajun shrimp and quinoa casserole.

Email me today at to see if this plan would be a fit for you.

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