Coming Clean: Another Step in my Healthy Living Journey

Achieve the next step in your journey to healthy living - Learn about simple steps you can take to empower your health.My healthy living journey has been just that – a journey. I didn’t just wake up one day with a healthy lifestyle. It is something that has evolved over time as I swapped out:

  • fast food for home cooking,
  • nights on the couch for yoga and running,
  • stress and anxiety for meditation and a positive attitude.

These changes came one at a time, slowly and steadily. Each day I strive to make the best choices that I can and I am rewarded with generally good health, happiness and contentment, and more peace and energy than I have ever had in my life!

And now, I’ve taken another step in that journey…

I’ve taken a step to become further empowered in my health care, and to minimize my exposure to toxins.

It started back when I was pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago – as a mom to a developing baby, I no longer wanted chemical cleaners in my home. I just didn’t want her or I exposed to them. Over time I switched over to natural cleaners, Enjo cleansing fibers, and often plain old vinegar and water.

Then, when I did a whole food cleanse last summer, the potential toxins in my personal care products came onto my radar. I was shocked to learn that many ingredients in most of what the majority of people put on their bodies everyday are known to disrupt hormones and metabolism. Everything from antiperspirant, lotions, shampoos, and more could be contributing to some of the health problems that are so prevalent these days (such as weight management, infertility, etc). As I did more research I came to the conclusion that I would entirely purge my bathroom cupboards and replace it with natural options or things that I’ve made myself. It’s taken some experimenting but I’m now using my own homemade deodorant, eye cream, and lotion (and it is actually really easy to make all of these things!)

My most recent step has been to add essential oils to the mix. I am using them in my cleaning, my skin care products, diffusing them in my home to boost my mood or when there is illness around, and using them for relief of any symptoms that come up. For example, there are oils that I use when I’ve got a headache (like a natural, faster acting, and more effective Tylenol), oils that I use when my daughter has a cough or is congested, and oils that I use on aches and pains (like her legs when she has growing pains or my belly when I’ve got cramps). It is like I have found a natural medicine cabinet – it is incredible!

And, another thing that I absolutely love about essential oils is that they pair so well with Juice Plus! I take my fruit and veggie capsules everyday and give my daughter the chews too – these help us get sick less often (and have milder illnesses when we do come down with something) and they improve our overall health. (To be honest, I consider our Juice Plus to be our Health Insurance – I even have it in our family budget that way!). And, the essential oils help manage anything that does come up, along with their benefits for cleaning and personal care. It is like a match made in heaven.

Empower Your Health!

If you’re interested in learning more about Essential Oils or Juice Plus and how either or both of them may benefit your family then please connect with me: Email and we’ll set up a complimentary consultation.

I am hugely passionate about helping to empower people to take charge of their health and I am thrilled that I have many ways that I can do this. Together we’ll figure out what is right for you!


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