Designing Your Destiny: Leadership & Empowerment Weekend

Chatham, ON | May 10th & 11th

John D. Bradley Centre

Ready to master your mind, and design your own destiny? Then this is the training for you. It’s simpler than you think.  In this powerful weekend event, you’ll discover the principles and practical steps to create ultimate success in your business, relationships, health, finances, and the meaningful impact you have in the world.

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The Keys to an Extraordinary Life

You dream of a life of significance, deep meaning, and impact. You’ll stop at nothing to create it. The catch is, many things are out of your control. Which means that the only thing you can master is YOU – and how you think, feel, and lead your life.

You can’t master yourself until you understand what drives you on the deepest levels — and how your brain creates perception. That’s what this life-changing weekend event is about.

Increase your income. Improve your relationships. Transform your past. Everything you need to create win-win results in your career, health, and life is here.


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About Your Presenter

Karen KesslerKaren Kessler

Karen is a partner at ChooseRESULTS and is a Speaker, Author, Master NLP Coach/Hypnotherapist, and world class Trainer. Her dynamic and engaging approach creates a fun and safe space to play with new ideas and perceptions while grounding them firmly in actions that can be taken in the NOW. She specializes in mentoring and training entrepreneurs who have decided that staying in or going back to the JOB is not an option. This elite group of people are willing to do whatever it takes and Karen loves sharing the insights and tools to leave corporate behind for good.

Change Perspective. Grow Your Business. Celebrate You.


What People are saying about the Designing Your Destiny: Leadership & Empowerment Weekend Training

What a weekend!!
I have to say I was excited about the weekend but also slightly dreading it because of how busy I’ve been lately. Designing Destiny was the best workshop I have ever been on.  I was fully engaged with your inspiring delivery of the program and left feeling like I’d been to a week of therapy!  I have already used “boundaries” in my first email of the day to relieve some stress so I can focus on my clear path to success! – Deb

Actual Messages from past participants to future participants –

    1. Empowering, Enlightening, Mind Blowing. 
    2. Real tools, Profound learnings, Awesome coach 
    3. Time to be the leader in your life
    4. Best weekend I have had in a long time
    5. Intense and amazing weekend. Just float
    6. This course has opened up new possibilities. Now life begins!

Coming to Chatham for the first time ever on May 10th & 11th.

Register here: Designing Your Destiny!

About Your Sponsor

Lisa Fox BailLisa Fox Bail

Lisa is a local Mompreneur. She grew up on a farm in Chatham Kent and currently balances her time between being mom to a busy 3 year old daughter, living the life of an entrepreneur, and being involved in the family farm. Lisa is passionate about promoting her community and supporting other local women in business. Lisa owns Health Appeal and specializes in sharing her expertise with other busy moms to show them how they can become healthier and happier. She teaches simple techniques to manage weight, boost energy, battle stress, and improve overall well-being. Because a Happy, Healthy Mom makes for a Happy, Healthy family!

I’ve brought this uniquely powerful training here to Chatham Kent for the first time ever to share with my community so that we can all grow together.

Designing Your Destiny

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Chocolate Therapy by Lauren

With our Mother’s in mind at this event, we will be celebrating with some Chocolate Therapy and healthy chocolate treats and take home samples!


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