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Woman with Vision

Woman with Vision

I have been working a lot on my vision lately. It seems fitting that this was also the topic of the last workshop I led with my Get Your Sexy Back group. These ladies created their vision boards and we discussed how to use them to focus on creating the life we envision for ourselves. These women all have great visions that inspire them – you can see here some of the boards they created.

This week I am living part of my vision as I head for a week at the cottage with my daughter. My vision of what I want my life to look like involves lots of time outdoors and lots of quality time spent with my family. My husband isn’t able to join us this week (since he has commitments on the farm), but I’m not letting that stop me. My daughter and I will join my sister in law and her 2 kids this get away. We’ll have our hands full but I know the kids will help entertain one another.

Woman with Vision

Woman with Vision

On a related note, I am choosing to look at the big picture in my life rather than focusing on the little things. (ie. I am choosing to go to the cottage anyway rather than stay home because my husband can’t come). And that’s what this week’s video is all about. You’ll never guess what one woman said to me in a public washroom, but you’ve got to watch the video to find out.

When you take a step back and evaluate what is truly important to you, then you can see that you have the power to create the life of your dreams (and in fact you may already have it)!

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