Fattening Foods and their Role in Weight Loss

fattening foods“I can’t eat that, it’s too Fattening.”

I’ve heard this comment several times recently and it drives me nuts!

There are several variations, but they go something like this:

  • I can’t eat that, it’s too fattening,
  • If I ate that, it would go straight to my hips,
  • I’m gaining weight just thinking about eating that!

Have you ever heard comments like that? Maybe you’ve even said something like that yourself? Maybe you even said it just yesterday.

The point is that women seem to have the notion that certain foods will cause weight gain. Usual culprits in their minds are: chocolate, fried foods, deserts/baked goods, high carb foods, etc. The reason that this idea drives me so crazy is that it is simply untrue! Certain foods do not and cannot cause weight gain on their own. Weight gain only occurs in the context of total calories in (how much you’ve eaten) and total calories expended (how much you’ve moved).

It is true that certain foods should raise a caution flag:

Some of these foods may be a trigger for you – what I mean by this is that they may be foods that you tend to over-indulge on. Perhaps instead of enjoying a small piece of cake, you end up eating several pieces (or the whole thing). This doesn’t mean that the food itself caused you to gain weight; it was the excessive consumption of that food that lead to the weight gain.

Similarly, if you find that you eat these types of foods regularly, then of course you will gain weight. These foods tend to be calorie dense and nutrient poor, so they will add a lot of fat and sugar to your diet without providing much protein or vitamins or minerals. In essence, they will fill you up but not nourish you.

But, do I believe that these foods have a role in our diets? Absolutely!

I enjoy a variety of fattening foods throughout the week. I don’t eat them every day, and when I do, I have smaller amounts, usually just a bite or two, that I truly savor. Incorporating these foods into my diet adds to my enjoyment of food and I never feel deprived.

Variety is the spice of life and when you can learn to enjoy these foods in a healthy way then you will no longer have to struggle with the scale, and you can end the internal good vs. bad debate.

What foods do you avoid because they are ‘fattening’? How would you feel if you knew that you could have small amounts and still feel satisfied?

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