HOW to Find Your Purpose

Here’s a question I hear a lot, maybe you’ve even wondered yourself…

HOW do you find your PURPOSE?

Do you even need to? I believe that knowing & aligning with your purpose ignites a passion within that spurs you forward, motivates, energizes, and is deeply fulfilling ?

So, how in the heck do you find your Purpose?

Here are a few ideas to get started:

1) Listen Inside – the thoughts or ideas that come to us during meditation, journaling, yoga, driving, in our dreams, in the shower, or during rhythmic activities like walking or running are often messages from our unconscious. LISTEN to them & make note of the inspiration that they provide – these hint to our passions & purpose!

2) Ask good questions (of yourself) – a few that I like are ‘does this feel heavy or light?’ ‘does this bring me joy?’ ‘is this something I *want* to do or something I *should* do?’ (follow the joy, light & wants!) These questions can help you determine what activities make you happy… and guess what? When you’re happiest, that’s when you’re following your passions, and are closest to your life’s purpose!

3) Do more of what feels good, lights you up & makes you HAPPY (see #2 above). From my perspective, the happier you become, the closer you are to living your true Purpose!

Still not 100% clear on your Purpose?

You’ve got a couple of options – you can follow the steps above and gain more clarity with focused effort and attention OR you could fast track to learn NOW what your Soul’s Purpose is ?

…Slow or Fast, Fast or Slow – It is up to you. This is your life’s journey and you totally get to choose your experience of it.

Ready to take the Fast Track to uncover YOUR Purpose? In one 45 minute intensive session you can learn what your soul has truly been longing for – that spark that has been hidden away. We’ll bring your deepest desire to light AND make a plan to align with your life’s purpose (along with 3 action items you can implement right away). You’ll feel lighter, more clear, joyful, and energized! Schedule your session now:

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