Balance… It’s Kind of A Funny Little Thing

Do you ever feel like your life is kind of like one giant balancing act?

Balancing Act

I think this guy must – he’d be in serious trouble if he was off balance! But what about us?

I was at an acrobatics performance recently and while watching this guy climb a stack of chairs, then tip one on an angle, and do a handstand on top, I began thinking how similar his seemingly impossible act was to the balancing act that so many busy moms do on a daily basis.

We balance so many things:

  • caring for our children
  • preparing healthy meals
  • keeping our homes clean & tidy
  • taking care of ourselves
  • our work lives
  • and being a ‘good’ wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc.

And that is just a few of the many things that we balance each day (I’m sure you could add many more!).

So, how do we balance it all in a way that is healthy, fulfilling, and enjoyable?

Watch the video below where I share may take on balance – what it is (and what it isn’t!), what happens when you’re in balance, how to tell if you’re out of balance, and how to spend more time in balance.

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