Got Gut? How to use your Gut Reactions to Lose Weight, Boost Happiness, and Create the Fulfilling Life you Crave!

Gut reactions? What do they have to do with my ‘gut’ and my health as a busy mom?

(If that’s what you’re asking yourself then that’s OK! Read on to find out…)

Happiness is a way of life

This little guy says it best. Find happiness in your life by listening to your gut.

So many of us have turned off our connection to our feelings and gut reactions. We tend to weight the rational pros & cons and make decisions based on what we think we ‘should’ do. When we make decisions that way though, we turn off our connection to what we truly want, and disregard our ‘inner knowing’ (or gut feelings) about what is best for us.

When you haven’t been listening to you gut, it can show up as:

  • difficulty making decisions & second guessing yourself,
  • feelings of uncertainty, emptiness, and being unfulfilled,
  • lack of energy, motivation, or passion,

And my absolute favorite (the one that shows up most for me):

  • Irritation & Crankiness!

These feelings not only feel terrible on the inside, but they are also health landmines since many women turn to food (to try to fill the emptiness within them) and inactivity (because they just don’t have the energy or drive to participate in healthy living).

If you’ve been wanting to eat healthier, exercise more, and just feel more confident and productive but have been struggling to do it then please watch this video…


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