Happy International Happiness Day!

Fun Fact: March 20th, 2017 is International Happiness Day

(Bet you didn’t know that!)

And, in celebration, I came across this really fun little list of 45 things that will bring a smile to your face right NOW (see it here). Some are pictures, some are stats, some are short videos, pretty much ALL of them made me smile 🙂

Another fun way to bring a smile to your face is to open up snapchat and play for a few seconds with the filters. (Psst… My hubby tells me we’re too old for snap chat but I don’t listen :p To be honest though, I don’t even really know how it works lol, but I do know that making myself look like a cute puppy or have rose coloured glasses sure picks me up when I’m feeling grumpy! See my latest ‘snap’ here)

Now, on to YOU… What makes you feel happy? What makes you smile?

Head on over to our beautiful community and let us know (and maybe grab some new ideas) here: Happy on Purpose Community

Love & Happiness,

If you’re looking for more energy, meaning, and happiness in life then check out the Soul’s Purpose Intensive now – this could be the very thing that can change your life for the better!

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