2 Ways to Look at Your Year… Which did you choose?

Happy 2017!

freedigitalphotos.net-nanhatai8It’s a new year (yes, of course you know that already but hang with me here…) and facebook has been filled with people reflecting on 2016. What I notice most about this is that people seem to do 1 of 2 things: they either focus on the positive events (and talk about whether they had a ‘good year’) or dwell on the negative (and whether they had a ‘bad year’).

You know what I’m talking about, right? How many posts have you seen like this…
‘Good riddance to 2016 – you brought nothing but heartache and misery’ then they may go on to list all of the bad things that happened in the past year.

Then there are these statuses…
‘What an awesome year – bring on more great things in 2017’ (again, these people go on to list lovely things that they experienced in the past year).

Which category did you fall into?

Or did you bury your head, avoiding reflecting on 2016?

Do you know what separates these two categories of posts? Did you guess that its what happened during the year? That’s the obvious answer but it is also… wrong!

Here’s the thing – we all have experiences that we label as good and bad. These happen every day all year long. Some are bigger than others of course (weddings, funerals, births, injuries, etc). But, big or small, these events are all par for the course and part of our existence as being human.

So what makes a good year or a bad year?

It’s literally all about what you decide to focus on and how you interpret your experiences. If you think that your year is going to be bad and full of crappy things then guess what? It is (because that’s what you’ll focus on and you’ll be oblivious to the good things all around you).

Want to have a great year? Then decide that you’re going to focus on the good, and guess what? You’ll notice the positive experiences more and will actually have more of them!

It really is that simple. Oh, and in case you’re wondering HOW to focus on the positive experiences and even HOW to make ANY experience positive, I’m going to share some steps in some upcoming emails this week. It is really just about some simple mindset shifts to make it happen 🙂

Here’s to an AMAZING 2017 full of positive memories and wonderful experiences!

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