Live Life with Intention: Confidently Create Your Empowered Future!

Last weekend was the culmination of 6 months’ worth of intense, focused effort as I co-hosted the Ultimate Me Day women’s conference. During that event I got on stage in front of 250 women to talk about the power of intention, something I had been focused on during the entirety of the planning for the event. At the very beginning of our planning, the organizers all sat down and we discussed our intentions for the event. This came back up at each meeting and every decision was made based on whether it supported our intentions for the day. And I am so happy that we kept focused on our intention the whole way because the day turned out to be everything that we had hoped for!

If you’re curious about the event then you can read about it here.

What is intention and why is it so important?Energy Flows where Intention Goes

Well, you need to know where you going and growing in order to get to your desired destination.

Many people drift through life, almost like seeds in the wind, being pushed or pulled wherever the breeze takes them.

This leaves them feeling lost, uncertain, and often powerless to create a future that they want.

Many of us have never learned effective goal setting techniques, so we just don’t know how to confidently create the future that we see for ourselves, … and some of us are afraid to even set those goals, afraid to get our hopes up in case we fall short or don’t reach our goal.

Well, let me tell you that living like this, living from a place of uncertainty kind of sucks – it is no fun at all. And it certainly doesn’t feel strong, powerful, and in control. And I know that you are a strong, powerful woman!

So now it is your turn. I want you to think about what your intention and purpose is today. You came across this article for some reason. Something got you out of bed today, got you online, and got you to this page. So I want you to take a moment and think about it. Think about up to 3 things that you want to accomplish today. Maybe you want to be inspired to make healthy living more of a priority, maybe you’re curious about how to fit exercise in to your busy day, or maybe you just want to get those darned 8 glasses of water in today.

Once you’ve got your intentions for the day, that will give you your direction and purpose. You’ll be able to make a plan of action to go forward and create the day that you want for yourself. Because this is your day – you have the power to choose what kind of day it will be (and it is more fun when you make it a good one!).  When you have this clarity, you’ll be able to evaluate at the end of your day if you accomplished what you set out to do.

So, even though we are talking about something relatively minor here, how you want to spend your day, the same principles apply to creating bigger goals, and really to how you live your life in general.

I know that many women are craving information about how to create goals that they can achieve – to learn effective goal setting techniques AND goal getting strategies. When you combine these two and put them into action, you become unstoppable and can confidently achieve goal after goal that you set for yourself.

For those of you who want to learn more, who want to know how to create the future that you see for yourself, I am hosting a 2 day Designing Your Destiny Leadership & Empowerment weekend. This will change your life and you’ll have fun doing it!

To Your Health, Wealth, & Happiness,




Note: this training is known to sell out early. Email me at or follow the link right away to reserve your spot.

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