Live Life with Intention

Live Life with IntentionAre you ready to be happier and more fulfilled? Want to lower your stress, improve productivity, and end over-eating? Then it is time to start living life with intention.

Too often we go through life in a trance, almost like we are zombies. Although we aren’t lusting after brains like zombies do, we aren’t really thinking for ourselves either. In essence, we aren’t truly alive. We create situations where we feel like victims of our circumstances. We need to work to make money, we need money to get things, and we need things to make us happy (at least that’s how we feel most of the time). We spend most of our time working, taking care of our ‘to-do lists’, and never really feeling happy or fulfilled. This leads to stress, irritation, resentment, and yes, over-eating and weight gain.

It is time to break the cycle and start living life with intention!

What do I mean by living life with intention? What I mean is simply this: think about what you want your life to look and feel like, and start making choices that are in alignment with that. In essence, create the life you want. Whether you realize it or not, you are in complete control over your life and have the power to create the life of your dreams. Now, if you dream of being rich, I don’t mean that you can become a millionaire overnight, but I do mean that there are plenty of ways that you can FEEL rich.

So, let’s get started with a couple of simple steps…

  1. Create a list of your values and what is really important to you. Notice which values you are honouring in your life and which ones could use a little more cultivating. Brainstorm some ideas about how you could live your values more.
  2. Plan and Schedule. Grab your calendar and mark out times over the next few months to do things that are in alignment with your values. Don’t wait for the time to be just right, take action now and make the commitment by putting it in your calendar.

For example, quality time with my family, adventure, exploration, and learning are all very important to me so I make sure to plan lots of ‘down time’ where I am just focused on my family. We also regularly schedule adventures together (such as trying something new like bowling, exploring conservation areas and museums, and going on day trips).

What difference has this made for me? Since I identified these values, and started planning to include them more in my life, I have felt so much happier and more fulfilled. I am enjoying life much more now and my relationships with my daughter and husband have been strengthened immensely as we make happy memories together and bond over new experiences. I’m also more efficient with my work and ‘to-do’s’ because I look forward to what is coming when I am done. Finally, I am more confident and satisfied knowing that I am creating the life that I want for myself and my children.

I know that this may seem almost too simple, but sometimes the simplest solutions are really the most effective. I challenge you to give this a try and notice the positive changes in your life.

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