Live Like a Champion

Live like a ChampionThis week I have a success to share with you – I haven’t had fast food in a week and a half. (Check out my Fast Food Confessional here.) I even survived the outings with my daughter that usually lead to fast food.

On Friday we packed a lunch and stopped at a park for some play time and a picnic. On Saturday we ate lunch at home before we headed out shopping. And another day we chose a healthier option at the mall – we shared grilled chicken, mixed veggies, and steamed rice from the food court.

I have been planning ahead better which makes it easier to make healthier choices.

That leads me to today’s video which is all about living like a champion. Stop waiting to make healthy choices and start making them now! Watch the video to find out how you can live like a champion and how this will affect your efforts for healthy living.

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