How to Look at Anything in a Positive Light (no matter what!)

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Ok, so last time I talked about how we all have the ability to shape our experience and reality simply by choosing what we focus on.

Here’s the deal – If you want to be happy and be surrounded by positive experiences then you need to focus on what makes you happy and the positive things around you.

But, in a world dominated by negative news, negative people, and negative drama, how do you focus on the positive?

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Here are my top tips on How to Look at Anything in a Positive Light (no matter what!):

1. Be VERY choosy about what you expose yourself to:

  • ditch the news (through tv, papers, radio, online, etc) – if something major is happening in the world then you’ll hear about it through word of mouth!
  • ‘unfollow’ negative/dramatic people on facebook – they’ll still be your friend but you won’t see their energy draining posts
  • be mindful of the other media that you pay attention to also (movies, tv shows, books, magazines, blogs, etc) – choose things that make you feel good and lift you up!

2. Search for the lesson or good in each experience:

  • Nothing that happens in our life is good or bad in itself; it is our experience that makes it so. So, when something that you might consider ‘bad’ happens, ask yourself one of these powerful questions –

    “What can I learn from this?”

    “What is the good in this situation?”

    It is amazing how powerful this technique is. I’ll go into detail sometime down the road but these 2 questions are how I literally transformed my dad’s death into a positive experience!

  • Here’s the essence of how it works – when you ask a question, your mind automatically comes up with answers. So when you change the questions you ask, you change the dialogue within your brain and shift your perspective. (Have you ever asked ‘why did this happen to me?’ – that only leads to negative feelings and hurt and causes your brain to come up with all kinds of negative answers so switch it out for the positive questions above and notice how good that feels!)

3. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!:

  • Whenever you’re feeling down and out, get out a pen and paper and list as many things as you can that you are grateful for – aim for a minimum of 20 things. This list could include a comfortable bed, a warm cup of tea, a beautiful sunset… use your imagination. This may be a challenge at first but slowly and surely things will start to flow out of your pen and you’ll start to feel better.
  • This is super effective because you can’t feel 2 conflicting emotions at the same time. For example, you can’t feel depressed and grateful at the same time. Your body’s physiology (hormones, neurotransmitters, etc) just don’t work that way. So, when you shift into gratitude, you shift your body and mind into the positive.

There we go – 3 tips to focus on the positive in your days, no matter what life throws at you!

If you’d like more, I posted a quick video on 2 30-second ‘mind hacks’ to incorporate into your daily routine keep positive everyday. You can find it in the facebook group Happy on Purpose – go check it out and see if you’re already doing these or if they’re something you can add for more Happiness and Optimism 🙂

Remember to Choose Happy Today!


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