Are you spinning through life… feeling like you’ve lost your passion, not really sure what you’re working towards or why?

Ever feel like you are being called to do something bigger with your life?

Struggling to uncover what that true purpose really is?


There IS a way to figure all of this out but I have to warn you… It is a little Woo Woo!

Are you feeling:

— lost

— tired

— scattered

— confused

— unfulfilled

— filled with inner turmoil and uncertainty

— a deep longing for something more

Then it’s time you Find and Connect with your Soul’s Purpose!

When you connect with your Soul’s Purpose you feel in the flow, energized, excited, passionate, motivated, whole, and much much more peaceful.


“When we are connected with our Soul’s Purpose we feel at ease; content knowing that we are living out our best lives of service to others while still being completely true to ourselves.”


I’ve always been interested in the unexplained BUT my super scientific mind has me skeptical of things that we can’t touch, measure or study.

However, I can’t deny that I feel a consciousness within me and I’ve had glimpses that I am meant to DO something with my life – that I have a purpose and that it is calling out to be brought into the world and share with others. Can you relate?


What Can A Soul’s Purpose Intensive Do for You?

For many years I had been feeling a deep longing growing inside me – the desire to do something more, to have meaning in my life, to make a difference in the world. I dreamed of being on stages, speaking to women all around the world, making a difference in their lives with the message that I was sharing with them. This dream seemed to big and too unrealistic at the time though so when I noticed it popping up I would quietly tuck it dream away and bury it deep inside where I thought it belonged. Inevitably it would pop back up and demand my attention again. It became a near daily cycle of actively pushing my dream away because I didn’t believe that I was good enough or deserving enough to be the person to live out my dreams and lead other women to theirs. The discomfort within me grew intense as I became more and more restless, irritable, exhausted, and confused – filled with inner turmoil. Of course, I didn’t understand why at the time, I just knew that something was off and I deeply wanted to understand what it was. I hired coaches, healers, and energy workers to try and help ‘fix’ what was wrong within me. But here’s the thing… none of it worked!


Until I was taken through the process of unlocking my Soul’s Purpose (the same process that I now lead other women through!) and I was BLOWN AWAY by what I learned! That day I found out that I am a Powerful Magnet and that my soul feels moved to share the inherent abundance of life, nature, and spirit with others. I am meant to receive massive abundance and become a powerful speaker. WOW! In that instant I learned that everything I had been dreaming of, everything I had been longing for, all of it was exactly what my Soul was meant to do. My inner turmoil didn’t come from something wrong with me — it came from squashing my soul’s purpose day in and day out.


That was 6 months ago, and in the half a year since then, I have set my ego aside and have surrendered to my desires and dreams. I have felt more alive than I ever have before, I have more energy (and need less sleep), I’m more productive than ever (even as a busy mom), I’ve been healthier and more vital than I can remember, I’ve naturally shed excess weight (I’m slimmer now than I was in high school!), I feel more purpose, passion, and fulfillment, AND, I’ve quadrupled my income in a way that feels fantastic!


How can you Access Your Soul’s Purpose?

The theory goes like this – your soul chooses a specific day to come into this world and be born. We can use the information contained in your birth day, month, and year to unlock your soul’s purpose and other information about you as a living being in this world to uncover your strengths, life lessons, what makes you unique, and practical action steps.

Based on this information, we can then put together a plan for you to begin living more true to your soul’s purpose, your deepest desires, and the gifts within you that are begging to be brought to light.


What is a Soul’s Purpose Intensive?

This is a super focused 45 minute session where we will uncover:

  • Your leadership strengths
  • Your life lessons (what your soul is calling you to learn in order to move forward)
  • What makes you unique (knowing this will allow you to harness these characteristics and use them to your advantage!)
  • Practical Action Steps you can take to unleash your soul’s power and work with your innate nature

THEN we put what we’ve learned about your Soul’s Purpose into a clear plan with 3 steps you can take right away to truly set your passions on fire, light you up with desire, and fill your days with meaning.

“You have gifts that are begging to be brought forward and shared with the world. Understand what these are and finally burst forth, stepping into your true Soul’s Purpose.”

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Summary notes of your soul’s purpose findings
  • Video recording of your session
  • 3 part plan to step into your soul’s purpose


  • 1 week of email access for any follow up questions and musings
  • 15 minute follow up session booked one week after your intensive to fulling integrate your learnings

Best of all, here’s what you’ll GAIN from a Soul’s Purpose Intensive:

  • Glimpse a picture of possibility and hone in on what you’re destined to do
  • Gain a clear direction of what the next steps are to reach your soul’s purpose
  • Hone in on your unique talents, purpose and gifts so you can do more and make a larger impact without feeling scattered, confused, or overwhelmed

After Your Soul’s Purpose Session You Will:

  • Feel illuminated and light (since you are no longer trying to do everything, but focusing on your true path)
  • Feel energized and on fire to make a big impact in this world.
  • Feel reassured and confident that what you’ve been dreaming of is TRULY what you’re meant to do!
  • Feel brave enough to go after your dreams and have a clear plan to move forward

Investment: $297 <–10 available at $97

>>> Can you imagine what connecting with your Soul’s Purpose can do for you? What kind of difference could this make in your life? SERIOUSLY! Ask yourself if you’re truly aligned with your soul’s desires (or if you even know what they are). I’m guessing you made it here because you DO feel something within you that is ready to burst forth into the world and I’d love nothing more than to help you unleash it! <<<

You are amazing! The world needs the special gift that you can offer!

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