How I stay Healthy (& Save Money) while Traveling

So I just got back from 6 days away at a Juice Plus conference in Memphis and it was Outstanding!!! For anyone who doesn’t know what Juice Plus is, hang tight, I’ll share what it is and some of what I learned at conference below.

But first…

How I Stay Healthy (& Save Money) while Traveling

I have to admit – I like adventures, but I also like routine. I guess you could say it is the Libra in me and my balanced personality. I also like to feel good (not heavy, bloated, and gross from eating crappy food) and I get a thrill out of saving money (working with a budget is kind of like a fun challenge for me in a weird sort of way). This background info on me leads in to this: I have got bring food with me, and seeking out healthy options down to an art form when I travel now.

Here is how it works:

A large, reusable water bottle is a great way to Stay Healthy (& Save Money) while Traveling! Check out my other 7 tips at

1) Bring a LARGE reusable bottle with you – I like a really big one because it will hold a lot (mine is 1 Litre). I specifically look for these characteristics – lightweight, durable, and with a wide mouth (to make it easier to clean). You can hit up a fountain or sink to fill it up with water after you go through security at the airport (and avoid paying $5 or more for a bottle of water, or worse yet, a sugary or chemical filled beverage).

2) Bring a high quality shake powder. I use Juice Plus Complete since it has a good balance of fibre, protein, and nutrients to fill you up and keep your blood sugar steady. Also, it is gluten-free and dairy/whey-free and is plant-based (the whey protein in most shake mixes makes me feel blah – bloated and gassy – which is NO FUN when you’re travelling! Believe me, there’s nothing worse than trying to hold in farts on a plane :p) I put the powder in individual snack size ziplock bags (1 serving per bag, just pack as many as you think you may need) and make my shakes for lunch in my big bottle.How I stay Healthy (& Save Money) while Traveling! I bring along good quality nutritional Juice Plus Complete bars and shake mix. Check out the other 6 tips at

3) Bring some really nutritious snack bars – again, I use Juice Plus Complete bars for the same reason as I use their shake powder… The balance of fibre, protein, and nutrients fills me up and keeps my blood sugar level so that my energy stays high all day (and I don’t feel weighed down, bloated, gassy, or hit the mid-afternoon blahs). I have one in the afternoon with a piece of fruit (usually an apple) that I’ve grabbed from a nearby market or coffee shop at my destination.

4) Pack some rolled oats with any toppings/mix-ins that you enjoy and make a batch of overnight oats each night for the next day’s breakfast. I found a market near our hotel and picked up a carton of unsweetened dairy-free milk (almond-coconut blend) which lasted me for the time I was gone. I requested a mini fridge in our hotel room too to keep the milk in, but other than that, none of the ingredients need to be kept cold. See the recipe below (and make sure you pack a container with a good seal and a spoon to eat your oats with).

Vegan Overnight Oats - great for home or travel (so easy & so yummy!). Check out more tips on how to Stay Healthy (& Save Money) while Traveling at

5) Find a grocery store or market near you at your destination (or along the way) to grab some fresh options for snacks or a quick dinner at your hotel. I found a small store that carried some produce and snack food and picked up a bag of baby carrots, a carton of lettuce for salad, a package of brown rice crackers, and a small bag of turkey peperonni – this combination served as my dinner 2 nights while I was gone, allowing me to have some much needed down time between conference sessions.How do you eat well on the go? Make sure you get some lean protein, healthy fats, and LOTS of veggies! Check out the other great tips for Staying Healthy (& Saving Money) while Traveling at

6) When you do go out to eat, make sure you’re seeking out lean protein options (I had grilled fish a few times) and lots of veggies (I subbed my starch/potato for extra veggies a few times).

7) Get in some exercise to keep your mind clear, mood high, energy zinging, blood flowing. Early morning walks are a great time to prepare for the day and see some sights while a few minutes of evening yoga (on a towel beside your bed) can really help you unwind and prepare for a restful sleep.

Juice Plus Capsules - my secret weapon in staying healthy and avoiding the nasty germs you get exposed to when traveling.

8) Finally, take some Juice Plus capsules which do an amazing job of keeping the immune system humming so that you don’t get sick (just thinking about all of the germs that you’re exposed to in airports, planes, stores, and hotels gives me the heebee jeebees! Yuck!)

There you have it: a step by step guide of how I Stay Healthy (& Save Money) when Traveling! And, all of the money that I saved from only eating out a few times meant that I could hit up the souvenir shops and bring home some special items for myself and my family 🙂

What is Juice Plus?

At this point you may be wondering ‘What is this Juice Plus thing?’

Juice Plus is a Company that is mission-driven to promote healthy living worldwide. They do this through a blend of fruits, veggies, and berries in either a capsule or chewable form, with nutritional shakes and snack bars, and a system to grow your own produce in your home.

I am so impressed with the quality of the product and the culture of the company that I use Juice Plus in my own family and in my business. I have seen what it can do for people and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone that I work with!

Here are some of the statements that really impacted me from the conference. Every one of these people came from humble backgrounds, found Juice Plus, fell in love with it, shared it with the people they came into contact with, and are now at the top level of the company – totally inspiring!

"I have a Moral Obligation to share what has helped our Family so much!" - Kimberly Duplissey quote from her National Marketing Director Speech, Memphis - October 2014"Everyday is a good day; some are just better than others" - Dany Martin quote from the Juice Plus Homecoming Conference, Memphis - October 2014

"The Key to Preventing & Treating disease is with Fruits & Vegetables and Juice Plus is part of the Solution" - Kristen Horler quote from her Juice Plus National Marketing Director Speech, Memphis - October 2014"Juice Plus allows us to decide what we want to do with our lives... We can create a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy future for ourselves, our families, & our communities" -Jake Kelly-Campbell quote from her Juice Plus National Marketing Director speech, Memphis - October 2014

If you’re curious about Juice Plus, or just want to know more, please send me an email and we can chat – I am always happy to talk! 🙂

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