Scary Health News (including the Big C-word)!

Got a Scary Diagnosis? Assemble a support team to help you. Get a second opinion, explore your options, and talk to people who care :) Staying positive helps more than you may ever know!

I’ve been keeping something from you… I like to talk. I am like an open book, really. I don’t have many secrets. When I have something going on in my life I like to share it with people. This is … Continue reading

The 5 Letter Word Women Love to Hate


I’ve been thinking about you, and I’ve been listening to the things you’re saying about your relationship with this 5 letter word. I’m talking about something that most of you have in your house, usually in the bathroom, and you’re … Continue reading

Fear – The Biggest 4-LETTER Word of Them All!

I hope that you have been enjoying the last few days of October – I know that I have been loving the unseasonably warm temperatures we have been having in Chatham-Kent! It is funny how when you are thinking about … Continue reading