Welcome to the World Baby Bail!

I’ve been away for a while… with good reason 🙂 …drum roll please… I had a BOY! Introducing Rory Bail, born September 10th, at 9 1/2 pounds. He’s nearly perfect in every way. Sure, there are times when he’s crying … Continue reading

Balance… It’s Kind of A Funny Little Thing

Balancing Act

Do you ever feel like your life is kind of like one giant balancing act? I think this guy must – he’d be in serious trouble if he was off balance! But what about us? I was at an acrobatics … Continue reading

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts 3 Giveaway Offers 300+ FREE Health and Wellness Related Products, Services & Memberships

I wanted to let you know today about a Health and Wellness site that will allow you to download 100’s of self help gifts. And the best part is that it is absolutely FREE! If you’ve had enough of plodding … Continue reading

Honor Your SELF to Create Balance (both on and off the scale)

Lisa in balance - create balance

While lying on a table during an acupuncture session yesterday, I reflected on my past week – I had ups and downs, periods of high energy and lows, times of hunger and fullness, and times of activity and rest. There … Continue reading

5 Steps to Creating Work/Life Balance (…so You Don’t Fall Off the Deep End!)

Work/Life Balance

Do you always feel like you’re rushing around, with a million things on your plate, and never really able to get it all done? Do you catch yourself thinking about work while you’re at home (you know, thinking about the … Continue reading