Vision Boards for Success

Vision BoardsI’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my vision lately – it seems to be a theme in my life right now. When I say vision, I am talking about my dreams, goals, hopes, and desires, as well as the legacy that I want to leave for my family, and the impact that I want to have on the world.

Last month I worked on vision boards with my Get Your Sexy Back group clients, and this past weekend I attended an event called Ignite Your Vision. It was all about growing bigger and better as a MOMpreneur (a mom entrepreneur), and several of the speakers talked about how they use vision boards to drive them to become bigger and better themselves.

When you want to get better results for yourself, when you want to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality, a vision board is an essential tool to help make it happen.

Today I have a very personal video to share about vision boards – I’ll explain how to make one and walk you through my own board and what it means to me.

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