Welcome to the World Baby Bail!

I’ve been away for a while… with good reason 🙂

…drum roll please…

I had a BOY!

Introducing Rory Bail, born September 10th, at 9 1/2 pounds.

He’s nearly perfect in every way. Sure, there are times when he’s crying and we don’t know why, but then there are also the times, like now, when he’s sound asleep beside me and all I want to do is pick him up and snuggle him.

All in all, he’s a pretty happy baby. We quite enjoy him, and we are so happy with our decision to try for this baby when we did. (In case you didn’t know, this was quite the journey to get to this point! You can read about it here.)

What now?

I’ve been asking myself that question off and on for the past several months. I promised myself that I’d take 3 months off from business when the baby came along. I planned to take this time to really enjoy spending time with him – you know nap when he naps, go for walks together, etc. – all the stuff that new moms do.

BUT, I couldn’t stay away! My thirst for knowledge won over and I ended up bringing him to 2 out of town conferences within a week when he was under a month old. I just couldn’t help myself! I love what I do too darn much 🙂

While I did keep my ‘3 months away’ commitment online, I didn’t keep it entirely. I’ve been busy teaching classes locally, attending courses and meetings, doing coaching by phone (during nap time, usually), and continuing to work 1-on-1 with longtime clients. My days aren’t completely filled up though, I make sure that I have plenty of family time, and squeeze some me time in too!

I made the decision to keep my son home full time until he’s 2, and then have him home part time until he starts school at age 4. This means that I’ll be working around his schedule and enjoying the life of a mompreneur. (This is how we ‘work’ sometimes – with babies attached to us…)

(Psst: Want to know how I manage to keep my sanity while running a business from home and caring for 2 little ones? I recorded a secret YouTube video about one of my greatest tools. Message me and I’ll send you the link).

What does this mean for you?

I’m back at writing articles and sending emails, although on a less frequent schedule – expect to see something from me online a few times a month (max!).

  • If you’re local (ie. in or around Chatham-Kent, Ontario), watch for classes and workshops that I’m running beginning in January 2016.
  • If you’re looking for some help staying healthy and avoiding weight gain during the holidays then subscribe to the Holiday Figure Survival Guide. I put this together a few years ago with the tips that I use when I go to holiday parties. I’m sure there are some strategies in there that you’ll want to start using right away!
  • You can follow my weight loss journey on Instagram or Facebook where I post weekly updates (I’m currently down 29 of the 49 pounds that I gained during this pregnancy). I also share other health related tips and info those places too.

That’s it for now. Excuse me while I go snuggle my baby – I’ll update you again during another nap 🙂

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